Keller Williams eAgentC Design and Refresh

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Take your Keller Williams eAgentC website to the next level. Low cost and maintenance free, it's an affordable way of promoting yourself as a professional. Eastside Designs can add that finished touch by creating a custom theme thats unique to you and your brand.


We'll create beautiful graphics for your home page. Customizing the background, header and more. Using photos and colors that reflect your professionalism and style. Contact us


KW Custom Refresh

• Custom Header

• Custom Home Image

• 3-4 Navigation Boxes

• Background Color/Image

"I'm very pleased with my logo, and I appreciate the care and consideration with which EastSide Designs  took all of my suggestions. I'm certain he'll do every bit as well with your project".

                                                                                                                       — Ted Engel

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