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Real estate agent, landscaper, restaurant, accountant, pet groomer, name it, we'll get you online.


But where do you start? What does it cost? How many pages?

We can help with all your questions. Providing you with solutions that help you connect with your customers. Making sure they get the info they're searching for and you get a sale. Contact us

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• One on One Consultation

• 4 Page Site

• Custom Header

• Site Upload

• Full Ownership

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"I found EastSide Designs online. Their work was the clear winner, Plus they took feedback and added the "je ne sais quoi" that our design was missing and I couldn't articulate. They seemed like the obvious choice to continue to work with, fairly-priced, savvy and original designers, easy to work with, responsive and reliable. Hard to imagine I'll go looking for other designers. After all, "if it ain't broke..."

                                                                                                                — LuckyDog Kaua'i, Jason Blake

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